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Scrum based task management – 1. Intro & Roles July 24, 2009

Posted by Terry.Cho in ALM (Application Lifecycle Management).

Agile methodology is most popular and lightweight methodology. And it is focused on collaboration between human. We can use this for daily task management under traditioanl methodology (Water fall,RUP,OUM etc)

According to below survey, ‘Scrum’ is one of most popular agile methodology.
I will introduce Agile methodology ‘Scrum’ and tools for the ‘Scrum’
This guide is developed based on my personal experience.
I always welcome to discuss or get a feedback from you.



Scrum is based on iterative & incremental development.
Scrum consists of a few iteration. It is called Sprint Each Sprint has 1~4 weeks length.
The Sprint is timebox, it cannot be extended.
Scrum has Product Backlog. It is action items to be implemented in development. Product backlog is extracted from SRS (Software Requirement
Specification). To do this SRS is described in technical functional perspective. (not a business perspective)
In start of sprint, items in the product backlog are selected followed by priority and severity. That is Sprint back log
Items in sprint back log are scheduled and implemented. During the sprint, sprint back log is not changed and every morning team share what they
are doing. By doing this status and progress of items are tracked.
At end of sprint, team reviews the sprint with stakeholders ( eg. customers), and demonstrate what they build.
Team obtains feedback from it and prepare next sprint.
This is basic concept of Scrum. I changed scrum little bit to adjust our actual consulting project.


  • Product Owner
    Product owner has a responsibility define requirement and action item in product backlog.
    It is usually consultant or project manager or customer. He prioritize items 
  • Team
    Team is implementation group who actually build a application.
  • Scrum Master
    Scrum master is a mentor. It educates product owner and team to use scrum.
    It is very important role. Process always needs exact understanding and experience.
    In our process Project Manager or chief architecture can be scrum master.
    In original scrum organization, Scrum master and product owner cannot be same.
    Because scrum master pushes product owner to adjust and keep scrum process to their team.

In next post i will explain customized Scrum process.




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