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About me

Architect, Consultant, PreSales & Business Development Manager

Interest in Cloud Computing, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, Platform, Big Data, SOA,Enterprise 2.0, JEE , Middleware (Web Application Server & Tuxedo), Software engineering and Agile methodologies.

Korean name : Byungwook Cho
English name : Terry.Cho
Contact (email) : [bwcho75AT gmail.com]
Linkedin profile : http://www.linkedin.com/pub/byung-wook-cho/10/190/443
Twitter : http://twitter.com/TerryCho



1. Deepak Subramanian - December 26, 2009

Hey Terry,
Great posts on REST architecture

Terry.Cho - December 27, 2009

Thanx for feedback

2. Ankit Agrawal - February 17, 2010

Hi Terry,

Great blog on EAI project methodology.
Actually I have a general project management background (setting up of delivery unit/ transition) but essentially a non-technical person.
I have a core banking background (Finacle) and I am currently contemplating joining an organisation for EAI project.
Do you think it would be difficult for a general PM background person to handle the EAI projects?
What homework I would need to do in order to handle EAI project comfortably?

3. David Nahmias - March 19, 2010

Hi Terry ,

Thank You for your post !,
it is possible to put a post a blog , regarding deploying a Jdev Application that use mysql DB to tomcat .

do i have to take care of any extra step.

Thank You!

David Nahmias

4. 이은숙 - August 10, 2012

페이스북으로도 메세지를 남겨드렸는데 메세지 확인하시면 연락부탁드립니다.


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