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Thinking about JIRA Epic & User Story hierachy December 4, 2013

Posted by Terry.Cho in ALM (Application Lifecycle Management).
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The original problem that I have in JIRA.

JIRA & GreenHopper plug in are very great. But unfortunately. It just support 3 level depth like below.

  • Epic_1234: User Administration
    • User_Story_0100: Users can self-register
      • Task_8001: Create new page with registration form
      • Task_8002: Create user class to support all required data
      • Task_8003: Create methods to collect user data and insert into database
      • Task_8004: Create database schema to support user details

Epic > Story > SubTask.

In my experience. major feature for service are around 20~40. And in big project it can be more bigger. But JIRA green hopper Epic space is not enough to display whole things.

Idle requirement management way is

Here is very interesting article – http://q1systems.com/?p=418

They are using hierarchy Feature Category > Feature > User Story

But because of JIRA product restriction, these depth can not be supported in product.

Another workaround, I can imagine is use Excel together. Here is another plug in that I can use unlimited hierarchy in JIRA – http://almworks.com/structure/overview.html but in that case I cannot use GreenHopper.